Can a loan be extended?

Can a loan be extended? One of the most common questions we are asked to ask ourselves in times of economic difficulty is to understand whether or not it is possible to extend a loan already previously agreed upon. That is, in essence, if it is possible to extend the repayment times in such a […]

Get your personal loan from us

Sometimes, getting personal loans may not be a simple task, the wear and tear and bureaucracy that some entities have make some people give up, leaving their dreams for another time. Aware of this reality, is the perfect ally that everyone  needs to get loans , fast and without many requirements. Advantages of personal loans […]

Fast and Secure Loans

It is possible to get loan quickly. Normally waiting times for funding are anything but short: People who need money often have to wait a long time. There is, however, excellent news: if you need prompt and immediate liquidity, fast loans are right for you. In our guide we will find out how to get […]

How is it 1 year after banning zero percent loans?

It is now almost exactly 1 year ago that the so-called ‘0% loans’ from car dealers were banned. In September last year the AFM found it nice with these car loans at an interest rate of 0%. Supervisor AFM found these loans misleading. With a loan without an interest rate, customers can think that no […]

Request a personal loan from us at a low interest rate

Do you want to borrow money that you spend in one go for a specific purpose? For example for a car. Then a Personal loan can be a logical choice. With a Personal loan you lend a fixed amount once at a fixed rate. The period (period) on which you repay the loan is also […]

Taking out loan entails cost

Wherever you advertise a loan, you see the warning in large letters nowadays: Note: Borrowing money costs money! But how expensive is money really? And should you be put off by the negative stories you sometimes hear from people who have taken out a loan ? The short answer In short, there is no denying […]

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