Can a loan be extended?

Can a loan be extended? One of the most common questions we are asked to ask ourselves in times of economic difficulty is to understand whether or not it is possible to extend a loan already previously agreed upon. That is, in essence, if it is possible to extend the repayment times in such a […]

How is it 1 year after banning zero percent loans?

It is now almost exactly 1 year ago that the so-called ‘0% loans’ from car dealers were banned. In September last year the AFM found it nice with these car loans at an interest rate of 0%. Supervisor AFM found these loans misleading. With a loan without an interest rate, customers can think that no […]

Taking out loan entails cost

Wherever you advertise a loan, you see the warning in large letters nowadays: Note: Borrowing money costs money! But how expensive is money really? And should you be put off by the negative stories you sometimes hear from people who have taken out a loan ? The short answer In short, there is no denying […]

Employee Loans

Employee loans fall into the large category of personal loans provided to employees in the public, private and state sectors. One of the most important features of these loans is that they ” are not finalized”. In this sense, then, the one who will request the loan, will have no obligation to indicate the motivation […]

Opinions on loans

Today we are going to give an opinion about loans since from my point of view they are the best that exist in the market at present. Because they fulfill all the requirements demanded by the clients and that is why the credit opinions are the best in the sector. Fast processing: Up to 500 […]

New loan without collateral

If you take a loan with loans, you do not have to wait long for the money to be paid. You always get quick payment. In most cases, you will receive the money on your account already the same day as you approve your loan offer. If you first approve the loan late, you will […]

Responsible loan: learn to prevent over-indebtedness

Avoid filling yourself with debts by using the responsible loan Companies that provide loans encourage customers with the availability of offers and the speed of the loan . Increasingly, they also offer their services over the Internet, which simplifies the procedure and speeds up the process. But before getting carried away by emotion, learn about […]

How to secure the payment of a loan after the divorce

How to secure the payment of a loan Perhaps one of the most significant obligations acquired by a marriage is the loan for the purchase of a home . Before and shortly after the marriage the excited couple usually makes plans and assume responsibilities to fulfill them in the long term. Although the ideal would be for […]

What to do when there are too many loans?

Too many loans accumulated: the benefits of debt consolidation. This institution has two undeniable advantages for the debtor. First of all, it makes it possible to reorder – from an administrative point of view – all the installments: the debtor will no longer have to deal with many postal bills, will control the entire situation […]

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