Opinions on loans

Today we are going to give an opinion about loans since from my point of view they are the best that exist in the market at present.

positive opinions of credit loans

Because they fulfill all the requirements demanded by the clients and that is why the credit opinions are the best in the sector.

  • Fast processing: Up to 500 euros in 10 minutes
  • Clarity in its clauses
  • First free loan: For new customers there are offers where they do not charge commissions
  • Easy communication with them through phone mail and even chat
  • No paperwork

The first positive assessment on this mini-loan site is that for new customers, the first loan up to an amount of 200 euros and with a maximum return period of 30 days, is free, that is, you will not have to pay anything in concept. of commissions or fees.

This advantage or opportunity is due to the fact that they try to attract new customers in a sector as competitive as that of the lenders, hence they try to make themselves known among consumers, so we as consumers must take advantage of this circumstance.

The second positive feature is that throughout your website you can see all the possibilities of having contact with them , telephone fax chat, at first sight. The data of your address appear clearly on the first page, which is a guarantee that we are dealing with a serious and responsible company

It is one of the few credit companies that has the distinction of “Online Trust” with all the legal data visible to the customer and the one that has its address in Spain, which guarantees full identification and location.

All these characteristics already induce us that we are facing a trustworthy company, serious and transparent in its business.

Requirements that you must meet in order for us to grant you money

  • Be of legal age (between 21 and 70 years old) and resident in Spanish territory
  • Your DNI must be in force, not expired
  • Provide a mobile number as a contact form
  • Provide a bank account number to make the loan transfer
  • New customers are granted up to 200 euros and old ones up to 500 euros
  • Not be enrolled in Asnef (it is a list of defaulters)
  • Money transfer is done immediately if your bank account is Banco Santander or Unicaja (if it is from another bank can be delayed between 24 and 48 hours by the policies of terms that have the banks themselves)

Opinions about loans

It is one of the Spanish credit companies that has better opinions from the people who have contracted with them.

Many of the comments praise good customer service having multiple channels of communication with them, which makes them differentiate themselves from many other credit entities.

María S: “I compared between different companies and the one that gave me the most security was and from the first moment they told me things as they were and they have fulfilled what was promised”

Asensio P. “I’ve only asked for a loan in my life, and take advantage of the offer of your first free credit and although at first I distrusted that it was completely true, I must admit that it is as they actually announce. I have not had to pay any commissions money, so my opinion is positive. “