Quick online loans – easy application

For whatever you need, get extra cash through quick online loans.

How to Order a Loan

Strengths of quick loans :

✅ The Most Flexible loan. It is implemented in Loan and pays for what is available

✅ Amount up to 5,000 euros. The largest amount in Financial Quick loans

✅ Cheaper interests. Comparing with other Financials is one of the best.

✅ No commissions: There is no opening commission, no cancellation fee and no study fees.

✅ Payment of the cash of the loan money in a few minutes once the operation has been completed.

How to Order a Loan

The way to request a loan is the same as in the rest of Financials with online processing:
– Access to their website and select the amount you need. From 500 Euros to a maximum of 5,000
– Complete your request incorporating your name, surname, address and other identifying information about the entire ID number or Resident Card that should not be expired.
– Confirm the incorporated data by checking previously that they are well annotated and that the NIF is correct.
– Report your email and mobile phone number.
If everything is correct and authorizes the Loan, you will receive the money in approximately 15 minutes . In order for this payment to be made instantly, the bank where it has an account with the entities that operates must coincide.

Interest charged by Loans

The TIN payroll interest reported by on its website is 1.87% per month, which may change depending on the economic situation of the applicant. For better understanding we put this example:

If you request a Loan of the maximum amount of 5,000 euros and have the whole on the first day, the resulting payment making the payment in monthly installments, the annual interest rate would be 22.44% (the equivalent of 1.87% monthly) and by not charging commissions or management expenses, the resulting APR would be 24.90%
To take into account that the Quick Mini loans get to charge interest in terms of APR higher than 3,000% and the amount they offer is usually 300 euros in the first operation.
This type of online processing loans with payment instantly, are covered by Law 16/2011 of consumer loan agreements and therefore, are outside the scope of the regulation of the Bank of Spain as is the case of banks and savings banks. saving.
Another example that reports on its website loan of 4,000 euros to be repaid in 12 months at an annual fixed interest rate of 59.88%, payment of 451.05, with no commissions that would result in an amount to be repaid out of 5,472.84 for cases in which solvency of the applicant is more doubtful.

Keep in mind that although the Loan has no commissions , if you can be charged commissions for each transfer you make from your loan or line account to your checking account at the bank.